Participate in a wonderful American tradition.


If you like nature, outdoor activities and having time with kids, why don't you come to USA to spend your summer at an American camp working as a camp counselor. It’s ideal for undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing degrees in teaching, counseling, coaching, physical therapy, athletic training, sports psychology, etc. or for skilled athletes who simply love working with youth and want a summer job that feels like play. As a camp counselor you will be responsible for ensuring overall camper well-being, keeping campers on schedule with activities, and leading camp activities.


Hire Camp Counselors


You will…

  • experience an American tradition.
  • build valuable professional skills.
  • add international experience to your CV.
  • immerse yourself in the American life style.
  • improve your language skills
  • make new friends.
  • travel in the USA.
  • have a great summer!
Camp USA Eligibility Requirement

Eligibility Requirement

Candidates are required to…

  • be 18 +
  • be available between Late May to late August for about 9-11 weeks.
  • be able to effectively function in an English-speaking work environment.
  • have some experience working with children
  • energetic, flexible and prepared to work long hours
  • be in good health.
  • have no criminal record.

We know exactly what you expect!

You will KNOW HOW !

澳门金赞娱乐在线 experts will guide you from beginning to the end of the program you choose.

You will BE SAFE!

You will have 24/7 emergency support service and full insurance coverage.

You will ENJOY IT!

You will enjoy every minute of your life changing experience and have a great story to tell others.

Ready to start your USA adventure?